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Cravings strike all of us from time to time. Often we crave a certain type of food because we're low on energy or due to stress, boredom, lack of sleep... the list can go on. It's useful to ask yourself if you are really hungry or whether it's an emotional response, or the result of not adequately nourishing your body. 

Taking a break from a certain situation causing you strong emotions by either taking a walk, making a cup of tea or listening to your favourite song can make a big difference. Next time you're feeling overwhelmed and are reaching for your favourite comfort food why not try taking a mental break, one great way to do this it to try 5-10 minutes meditation. Often, if we have been eating well, we're really not hungry after all. This isn't to mean we have to deny ourselves our favourite food everytime, it's simply learning to listen to our body and what it really needs

If you're really struggling with cravings and would like some support, try our helpful tool next time a craving strikes to help you understand what might be causing it and how best to respond to it - just click the Help! button below:


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