Progress tab allows you to track your body, nutrition and activity. The way you enter the data depends on the type of marker you’re tracking:

  • Body composition (weight and body fat %) can be tracked either manually by tapping a plus icon on the widget or by connecting activity tracker/smart scales (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Health or Google Fit);
  • Blood pressure can be tracked manually or by connecting an Omron blood pressure monitor;
  • Burned calories can only be tracked by connecting a Garmin, Fitbit, Google Fit or Apple Health device;
  • Nutrition (calories consumed, macronutrient composition, salt, sugar, fibre and saturated fat intake) can be tracked by logging food using the app’s food log.

You can connect a tracker directly from progress tab by tapping on a  specific widget you want to track (in the cases where no data has been added yet). Alternatively, from the Goals tab, tap on your Account icon -> Instructions and select Connect Smart Device. 

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