You cannot manually log exercise in your OME Health app, but you can log it in Apple Health, Garmin or Fitbit account, which you can then sync with OME Health.

Apple Health

In “Health data” tab, tap on Activity, then scroll down to find Workouts tile. After you tap into it, you can log a new activity by tapping on + sign in the upper right hand corner.


  • In “Dashboard” tab, tap on the floating plus button to manually create and log an activity
  • You have the choice to either ‘Track’ certain activities automatically which you are about to do, or ‘Log’ any previous activity you’ve completed by switching between the tabs at the top of the screen.


  • In “My Day” tab, tap on Activity button to manually create and log an activity
  • You can also set up certain activities to be tracked automatically. Tap on your device icon in the top of “My Day” tab, select Device settings -> Activity tracking. You can then choose to enable your Move IQ to start tracking certain activities like running or walking and determine when to automatically start a timed activity.
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