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How can I find out my body fat percentage?
How can I find out my body fat percentage?

Ways to measure and track body fat percentage

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Body fat percentage is an important indicator of your health and well-being so it’s worth to keep track of it. There are multiple ways you can do it:

  • If you have smart scales that connect with Apple Health or Google Fit, you can use them to determine your body fat percentage and sync it with OME Health app;

  • You can also try using body composition machines, such as Boditrax, that are commonly available in gyms;

  • You can find an online body fat percentage calculator, which will use a formula to infer your body fat % based on your gender, age, weight, waist, hip and neck measurements.

Don’t forget to manually log your body fat percentage to see insights on how the daily actions you take impact it.

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