Logging everything you eat is a great first step towards understanding your nutrition habits and identifying key areas to improve to bring you closer to your health goals. However, it might seem like a daunting task a first. This is why our food log aims to simplify logging as much as possible, but also give you opportunities to enter more precise information should you wish so.

Image recognition - quick & simple

Probably the easiest way to log your meal is by taking a snap of it and using our AI-powered technology to identify its ingredients.

Pros: Allows you to log even elaborate meals very quickly, and you get a nice timeline picture to motivate you later;

Cons: Does not always recognise specific brands of the products, and therefore the nutrition information retrieved might be approximate rather than exact;

Use if: Ideal if you want to be conscious of what you eat and high level calories/macros, but are not too fussed about keeping track of your micro levels (e.g. sugar, salt, saturated fats).

Barcode scanner - the most precise

Since our barcode scanner identifies a specific product and brand information, this is by far the most precise way to log your meals.

Pros: As quick as taking a picture, but is guaranteed to give you precise nutrient information;

Cons: If you cook fresh or eat out, you will probably not have the barcode at hand;

Use if: Perfect for those who eat a lot of packaged foods and are conscious not only about their calories and macros, but also levels of salt, sugar, fibre and saturated fat.

Available only for UK products.

Manual search - the most versatile

Manual search is a great fallback option when other ways to log cannot be used.

Pros: You can control how precise you want the information to be (e.g. looking up specific brand vs generic product), as well as log all your food at once;

Cons: More time consuming than other options;

Use if: You forgot to take snaps/scan barcodes of your meals during the day, certain food items cannot be identified by our image recognition or barcode scanner, and any other cases - this option is the most versatile of all!

As you can see, there are many ways to log your meals - choose the most appropriate for your current situation, lifestyle and health goals. And don't worry if you forget to do it once or twice, as long as you log most of your meals, we'll be able to give you advice on how to improve your nutrition to bring you closer to your goals.

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