So you've been diligently logging your food and making sure you're on track with your targets 👌. However, if some things just don't add up, we can help!

The value displayed in my progress tab is slightly different than the sum of values in my food log 🧐.

This one's simple - in most cases, the nutrient content in your food is not a neat and comprehensive number like 2.2 g, but something closer to 2.24678900...g. Since seeing these kind of fractions is mind boggling, we've rounded it up to only display one decimal point. 

The nutrient value in your progress tab displays a sum of such fractions that has been rounded up. In the above case, if you logged such food twice in one day and added up nutrient values displayed in your food log, you would get 4.4 g. However, your progress tab would show 4.5 g, because the value was rounded after these nutrients were added up. 

Over the course of the day there might be more of such small discrepancies, however, they are unlikely to make significant difference. As a rule of thumb, the value in your progress tab is more accurate since rounding occurs at a later stage.

The sugar value in my progress tab is completely different from what I get if I add up sugar values from each of my logs 🤷‍♂️.

This one's a bit more tricky - that is because it is a different value! If you look carefully, your progress tab refers to added sugar, while food log displays general sugar content. 

The reason we use different values is that recommendations for sugar limit only apply to added or 'free' sugars. You can find more information about what they are and why this matters here

Separating between the two can be tricky, but hopefully comparing food log sugar information with added sugar count in your progress tab can be the first step in learning those differences. If you have any questions about this, don't worry - simply message your coach and they will be happy to help you out!

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